Multidisciplinary artist from Estonia, currently settled in the Netherlands. Specialized in music, audio and video production.
On this website you'll find some of the things I get up to in my bedroom and elsewhere. Enjoy!
Bachelor of Arts - Arts and Culture Studies
Erasmus University Rotterdam: 2023-2028
Bachelor of Design - Audiovisual Design
Willem de Kooning Academy: 2023-2028

1st place in film music

2022 - "give! give!"
3rd place in film music

2021 - "Koer"
2nd place in ambient/experimental works
1st place in electronic dance music

2020 - "Kuidas elada"  
1st place in audiovisual performative works 
2020 - "Ahnus
Diploma - ambient/experimental works 

2019 - "Kadunud"
1st place in ambient/experimental works 

2018 - "Raske on siin hingata"
1st place in ambient/experimental works 
Tallinn University Digital Music Composition Contest #5​​​​​​​
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