"Gates, closed to You" (2024) - 2-track EP of experimental rock songs  that will be part of my first album release by the same name.

"orjuselaul" (2021)  - folkrock

"koer" (2021) - experimental rock - 2nd place in ambient/experimental works - TLÜ digital music composition contest #8

"UNCONDITIONALLY" (2022) - experimental rock

commissioned music for the promotional material of the art exhibition "Usk, Tusk ja Püha Midrusk" by Asmus Soodla

"it's the party at the end of the world" (2022) - an entirely electronic EP of songs made while living on the sea

"kuidas elada" (2020) - 1st place in audiovisual performative works - TLÜ digital music composition contest #7

"jänku-juss on tantsulõvi" (2021) - 1st place in electronic dance music - TLÜ digital music composition contest #8

"GRNBRG" (2021) - sven!

short or unfinished pieces.


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